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Office of the Chief Clerk

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The 1836 Republic of Texas law establishing the Texas General Land Office and the position of Land Commissioner also provided that the Commissioner must appoint a Chief Clerk to assist him in performing all duties required in his official capacity and to act as Commissioner in his absence.  After Texas became a state, and the Land Office became a state agency, the position of Chief Clerk remained. 

Now, the Chief Clerk acts as the chief executive officer for the Land Office and manages the daily activities of the agency.  He is the only GLO employee, other than the Commissioner, who may act on the Commissioner’s behalf, legally contractually bind the agency, and serve as acting Commissioner due to absence, resignation, impeachment or death.  Since the Chief Clerk is designated as the substitute for the Land Commissioner, the position is bound by the same constitutional oath administered to elected officials.

The daily activities of the Chief Clerk include approval of all budget and expenditure matters; approval of all agency policies and procedures; approval of internal audit reports; executing all binding contracts related to agency activities; and final approval regarding all personnel actions.

Other duties of the Chief Clerk are approval of all GLO legislative reports and agency publications; approval of all correspondence for the Commissioner’s signature; approval of all agenda items prior to board and commission meetings on which the Commissioner serves; and, in the Commissioner’s absence, represent him in his official capacity on all boards and commissions on which he serves as chairman or member.

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Stephanie Crenshaw
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Office of the Chief Clerk
Stephanie Crenshaw