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Texas Farm & Ranch Lands Conservation Council

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Established in 2005 by the 79th Legislature, the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Program helps keep land under private ownership and in agricultural production by preventing development and fragmentation. The governing body of the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Program is the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Council.

The Council helps the Texas Land Commissioner administer the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Program and select grant recipients. Program grants are awarded based on the criteria set by the Council. Council members also seek funding for and help educate the public about the program.

The Council is composed of 10 members. The heads of the three state agencies related to agricultural issues and a representative from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) serve as ex officio members. Six members of the Council are appointed by the Governor. Ex officio members serve during their terms in office while appointed members serve staggered six year terms. Terms for two appointed member expire February 1st of every odd numbered year.

Council meetings are held at least once a year, or as necessary, and are open to the public. As of 2006, Council meetings are webcast live as well as archived for later viewing.

Council meeting agendas are posted in the Texas Register and can be accessed via the Texas Secretary of State website. Agenda must be posted seven working days prior to a Council meeting.

George P. Bush Todd Staples Carter Smith
George P. Bush, Chair Todd Staples Carter Smith
Land Commissioner, Texas General Land Office
Ex officio

Commissioner, Texas Department of Agriculture,
Ex officio
Executive Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department,
Ex officio

Salvador Salinas no photo Dave Scott
Salvador Salinas Thomas R. Kelsey George David Scott
State Conservationist, USDA, NRCS
Ex officio
Of Counsel, Berie Lamberth LLP, Appointed by Governor, February 2019 Representing a Statewide Agricultural Organization,Appointed by Governor, February 2017

Pam McAfee Dan Dierschke  James Cathey
Pam McAfee Dan Dierschke  James Cathey, Ph.D.
Rancher,Appointed by Governor, February 2017 Farmer, Rancher, member of numerous agricultural organizations,Appointed by Governor, February 2015 Assistant Professor &, Extension Wildlife Specialist, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Appointed by Governor, February 2015

 John Zacek    
 John Zacek    
President, South Texas Area, Prosperity Bank, Appointed by Governor, February 2019      

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