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Adopt-A-Beach License Plate

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You can help support us all year long by purchasing an Adopt-A-Beach specialty license plate. Be a hit of the highway sporting our great plate!

For every plate sale, the Adopt-A-Beach program receives a direct benefit that will help the program continue to grow, reduce litter on Texas beaches, and provide coastal environmental education to our youth.

The plate costs just $30 in addition to regular vehicle fees, with $22 used to support the Texas coastline. Personalized plates are also available for an extra $40. In addition, the cost of purchasing the plate is considered a tax-deductible donation from you.

The Adopt-A-Beach specialty license plate is available for the following classes of vehicles:

  • Passenger - less than or equal to 6000 pounds; also available to be personalized
  • Passenger - more than 6000 pounds; also available to be personalized
  • Truck - less than or equal to 1 ton; also available to be personalized
  • Truck - more than 1 ton; also available to be personalized
  • Motorcycle - also available to be personalized
  • Trailers - also available to be personalized
  • Travel trailers - also available to be personalized

Order your Adopt-A-Beach Specialty License Plates at or Your Local Tax Office

FAQs for Adopt-A-Beach Specialty License Plates

  1. How can I order an Adopt-A-Beach specialty license plate? Do I have to wait until I get my renewal notice?
    You do not have to wait until your renewal notice because you can order the license plate at any time. Visit the Web site to complete your application today. You may also download the form from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) Web site.
  2. When will my license plate be ready?
    It will take two to three weeks to receive your license plate, which will be mailed to your local county tax office where you can pick it up.
  3. Are my vehicle registration fees included in the price of the Adopt-A-Beach license plate?
    No. Fees for your annual registration are not included.
  4. Is the $30 fee charged annually, and is it in addition to the yearly registration fee?
    Yes it is charged in addition to the yearly registration, $22 of the $30 goes to the Adopt-A-Beach program each year.
  5. Will the expiration date of my regular vehicle registration change?
    Yes. If your vehicle is currently registered when the license plate is issued your vehicle registration expiration date will be adjusted by TxDMV to correspond with the expiration of your new Adopt-A-Beach plate.
  6. Can I personalize my Adopt-A-Beach license plate?
    For an additional $40 you may order a personalized plate of five spaces or less. TxDMV will review each request to ensure that it does not duplicate another license plate. You have the option to personalize your plate online at the Web site and the form can be downloaded on the TxDMV site.
  7. Can I transfer my license plate to another vehicle that I own or might buy in the future?
    Plates may be transferred to another vehicle you own with a corrected vehicle registration obtained from your local county tax office.
  8. What if I have more questions?
    Call the TxDMV customer help desk at 512-465-7611 or the Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach program at 1-877-TXCOAST (892-6278).

You may also email us with your questions.