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Online Map Catalog Help Page

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The Online Map Catalog

Our catalog allows for a variety of different types of searches, from very broad keyword searches to specific searches using criteria that references unique aspects of individual maps. A specialized list of subject indexes allows for combined searches that will help to narrow your results.

Search Criteria
Subject Indexes
Adobe Acrobat Images

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Search Criteria

Keyword: This is the most broadly descriptive search category and the one you will probably use for most of your searches. It looks for the words and phrases you have entered in a wide variety of fields throughout our map database. TIP: Avoid using overly broad terms in this category such as "Texas" or "maps." Keyword searching is recommended for people looking for specific features on a map or sketch. Since many features such as towns, rivers, railroads, etc are recorded in our database, keyword searching will query our records and return anything that is known to match your criteria.

Please note that the keyword search pre-empts the other search criteria. You can combine your keyword search with the subject indexes, but you cannot combine, for instance, keyword and date.

County: This search category features a pull-down menu of all counties in Texas. This is designed to facilitate map searches in specific counties. For instance, if you select "Dallas" and click the "search" button this will bring up all of the maps and sketches in our collection that show part of all of Dallas County. This category can be combined with other search criteria as well. For instance if you enter "Dallas" into the ‘county’ field and "1942" into the ‘creation year’ field the catalog will provide a listing of all maps featuring Dallas County produced in 1942.

Map Number: This is the indexing number by which the map collection is cataloged. While you will not be doing random searches in this category, if you have favorite maps that you wish to return to simply enter the map number and it will take you directly to that map's entry. For instance entering "2114" will take you to H.S. Tanner's map of Texas.

Title: This is a less versatile search category than ‘Keyword’ but it should help you to narrow your searches to more specific items. This category only searches within the ‘Title’ field of our database. For instance, a search for "Austin City" will bring up results for which that phrase appears in the map's title.

Creation Year: This is simply the year in which the map was drafted. This search field is especially helpful if you wish to find maps dating from a specific date. For instance if you type "1864" into the Creation Year field you will get a list of maps drafted in the year 1864.

Size: This search field allows you to search by map size. Remember, the GLO will NOT customize prints. The copies made are identical in size to the originals. This category will be helpful if you are searching for a specific sized map to fill your needs. All sizes are in inches. TIP: if you are looking for a map 11 inches by 46 inches, search for only one side dimension at a time. For instance entering "46" in this field will give you all maps with one dimension equal to 46 inches. You can then select the map that best fits your needs.

Advanced Search - Subject Indexes

Our search interface contains a feature that allows you to search within individual subjects as they relate to our maps. For instance, if you are researching Indian villages in the Republic of Texas, you can type "Indian village" into the Keyword field and toggle "Republic" in the Subject Index.

It is also possible to display all the maps in our collection cataloged under one subject index. For instance, if you wanted to see all the Republic of Texas maps in our collection simply leave all search fields blank, select "Republic of Texas" in the Subject Index, and click the "search" button.

Display Only Maps With Images: This toggle switch, when selected, will display search results for only those maps that have an image available on our website.

Items may not have images associated if they are too large or too fragile to have been scanned. If you are attempting a broad, comprehensive search of our records it is recommended to keep this box “unchecked”.

Adobe Acrobat Images

Many of the images presented in the GLO's map catalog are displayed as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Files (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these images. It can be downloaded for free here.