The Texas General Land Office recognizes that citizens throughout the community and state enjoy the benefits of beach access.

Through the Beach Maintenance Reimbursement Fund Program, the Land Office and local governments share in the management responsibility for our state’s beaches. This program provides state financial assistance to qualified city and county governments for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining public beaches. The availability of funds for this program is contingent upon appropriations

The Open Beaches Act provides that wherever the public has an easement over private beachfront property, the local government has the duty and responsibility to clean the public beach. Within a city, it is the duty of the city government to clean the beach. Outside the cities, it is the duty of the county. Park land is to be cleaned by the jurisdiction running the park. Local communities are assisted financially by the state through the Beach Maintenance Fund Reimbursement Program.


Any city or county that borders on the seaward shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico may apply for state assistance for beach cleaning and maintenance. A detailed summary of the eligibility requirements is listed in 31 TAC §25.7 and 31 TAC §25.8.

Funding Range and Deadlines

Funds are reimbursed based on actual expenses. Seventy-five percent of the funds available for distribution are allocated based on proportionate share of participant expenditures during the two fiscal years preceding the year for which the participant is applying for reimbursement.

Twenty-five percent of the funds available for distribution are allocated based on proportionate share of total linear footage of gulf beach that the participants clean and maintain. Historically, $729,000 has been available for distribution to the communities.  However, the funds available for distribution fluctuate depending on the agency's annual appropriations. 

Applications are distributed to eligible participants in early fall and due within 30 days. Contracts are renewable annually.