Instructions for Facility Account Database

Please review the following instructions to log in, edit, or update account information.

To maintain security, it is recommended that your assigned password be shared only with those who update account information. Accuracy of account information is the responsibility of the facility operator.

Refer questions regarding passwords, accounts, and use of this database to D'Anne Stites at (512) 463-6740 or Email.

Log In

1. Select your facility name in the list provided on the Log In page. The list is indexed (press the "T" key to move to names that begin with T, etc.).

2. Enter your assigned password.

Complete Facility Information

If accessing your account for the first time, please enter information for the required fields. Save your entries by clicking the Submit button.

If the account has been accessed previously, select the appropriate section to update data. Save your entries by clicking the Submit button.

Log Out

When finished, please log out of the account by clicking on the [Log out] link at the bottom of the page.