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Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program certifies oil industry facilities along the Texas coast to ensure compliance with state laws preventing oil spills.

According to the 1991 Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act (OSPRA), a facility must be certified by the Land Office if it is employed in handling, storing or transferring oil, and any portion of the facility property is within 100 yards of tidally influenced coastal waters.
Facility owners and operators should contact the Land Office for any questions regarding this requirement. Failure to address application, certification, response planning and operational requirements as prescribed by law may result in penalties.

To apply for facility certification, owners and operators of facilities should contact the appropriate Land Office regional field office to arrange for a determination of jurisdiction and facility category.

Facility Certification Information and Planning Guidelines may be found in the Forms page.

Contact information for regional field offices may be found in the Contact page.