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Filling in Rollover, constructing a fishing pier key to rebuilding

October 09, 2013
(AUSTIN)—Rebuilding Bolivar — and the peninsula’s beaches and dunes — requires closing Rollover Pass and constructing a world-class fishing pier in its place.  I know this isn’t popular with everyone in the Gilchrist community, but it’s the right th...more

General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program celebrates 20 years of readiness

March 18, 2011
(AUSTIN)—When the Deepwater Horizon undersea oil rig blew out in the Gulf of Mexico last year, adjacent Texas had an advantage no other coastal state can claim - an oil spill response program with prepositioned equipment, expertise and most importantly, well-rehearsed plans for protecting our state's waters...more

Open Beaches Act: A Texas legal tradition worth defending

December 07, 2010
()—J. David Breemer, the California attorney who worked - pro bono, he reminds us - to end public access to West Galveston beaches, isn't feeling very appreciated. It seems some Texans who enjoy fishing, surfing or just splashing in the waves at one of the state's premiere beaches don't understand how...more

Port Isabel cleanup a success

August 16, 2010
(AUSTIN)—Across the Texas coast, abandoned and submerged vessels pose a serious threat to both navigation and the environment. These old shrimp boats, barges and other heavy commercial vessels litter the waterways for years, sometimes decades, because cash-strapped local governments just don't have the hund...more

Oil spill no reason to oppose offshore drilling

February 03, 2010
(AUSTIN)—As other states and the federal government dither over the decision to drill offshore or not to drill here at home, I think they ought to take a close look at the recent oil spill in Port Arthur. This spill is a good example of how, in Texas, we've learned to both protect our environment as well as...more