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Surfside Beach Restoration

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Surfside Beach 

Work to restore and protect Surfside Beach wrapped up in March, just in time for Spring Break. 

About 10,000 dump trucks of sand - more than 167,500 tons - were brought by barge and truck from the Port of Bay City to rebuild the beach and protect the Village of Surfside.  The project took about four months to complete. 

Once an iconic Texas surf spot, Surfside Beach suffers from one of the highest erosion rates on the Texas coast. Years of erosion - sometimes as much as 16 feet of beach a year - had thinned the beach to a sandy ribbon. Hurricane Ike destroyed what was left, leaving the Gulf's waves lapping at Beach Drive and threatening to claim more than $53 million worth of streets, sewers and other public infrastructure. 

After Ike, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson made the preservation and restoration of Surfside Beach a priority. The resulting project to renourish the beach and rebuild and enhance a protective stone revetment to withstand a 25-year storm event combined local, state and federal money.  

The new beach is about a mile long and more than 100 feet wide. It stretches from Jettyview Road to Whelk Street.

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