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Patterson advances on Washington

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Land Commissioner called to highlight Texas success in oil and gas on state land

Contact: Jim Suydam
PRESS RELEASE — Apr 17, 2013

WASHINGTON — Instead of hearing yet another complaint about what is going wrong, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson will tell a Congressional committee on Wednesday what the Lone Star State is doing right to raise revenue, foster job creation, and keep tax rates affordable.

“In Texas, we say “Let my people drill,” said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, “and I’m going to take that message to Washington – the place that needs to hear it most.”

At a committee hearing titled “State Lands vs. Federal Lands Oil and Gas Production: What State Regulators are Doing Right,” Patterson will explain his recipe for success in Texas: keeping government off the backs of oil and gas producers developing energy on state land. The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee hearing is set to begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 17 in Hearing Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building in Washington D.C.

Patterson hopes the hearing will contrast the tedious federal government regulations on energy production and permitting policies on federal lands versus the nimble and efficient regulatory structure on state-held and privately owned lands. Recent studies show exploration on state and private land is booming – where the free market has more sway – while energy production is diminishing on regulation-heavy federal land due to red tape from the Obama Administration.

“The success of the Texas oil and gas industry is an example for the nation,” Patterson said. “Energy production on our state land makes Texas a great place to live and do business by offsetting taxes and fees, and also by generating jobs and contributing to the education of our schoolchildren.”

For more information on Commissioner Patterson’s trip to Washington contact Andy Hogue 1(512)463-9212 or

WHO: Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson

WHAT: Full Committee Oversight Hearing of the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee, “State Lands vs. Federal Lands Oil and Gas Production: What State Regulators are Doing Right”

WHEN: Wednesday, April 17 (hearing set to begin at 10 a.m.)

WHERE: Longworth House Office Building, Hearing Room 1324, Washington D.C.

WHY: To hear testimony related to the difference between energy production and permitting on federal lands versus state and private lands

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