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Post-Tropical Storm Fay Photos on the Texas Coast
September 2002
Bolivar Peninsula: Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, Daigle Street
Photos Courtesy of: Galveston County Office of Emergency Management
Daigle Drive - west side     Daigle Street facing east - Gilchrist
Daigle Drive - west side.jpg     Daigle Street facing east - Gilchrist.jpg
Daigle Street facing west - Gilchrist     Daigle Vehicle Access Point
Daigle Street facing west - Gilchrist.jpg     Daigle Vehicle Access Point.jpg
East side Rollover Pass facing east     Elizabeth Street facing east - Gilchrist
East side Rollover Pass facing east.jpg     Elizabeth Street facing east - Gilchrist.jpg
Elizabeth Street facing west - Gilchrist     Rollover East
Elizabeth Street facing west - Gilchrist.jpg     Rollover East.jpg
Rollover Pass East beach access drive over     Rollover Pass beach access east
Rollover Pass East beach access drive over.jpg     Rollover Pass beach access east.jpg