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The 160 Texas counties impacted by the 2015 and 2016 floods represent 76 percent of the Texas population or 20.9 million people - a total population greater than that of 48 states.

 As a result of these floods, HUD has allocated $434.3 million in CDBG-DR funds to the state of Texas. Of that, the GLO-CDR will administer $313.5 million across 129 counties. GLO-CDR estimates a combined loss of over $2 billion in unmet long-term recovery needs when considering the impact of the multiple disasters suffered by Texas.


2016 Disaster - The 2016 flooding spanning from March to June resulted in three qualifying events for federal disaster recovery funds. The events caused severe damage across half the State, roughly 134,000 square miles - almost double the size of Louisiana and West Virginia combined. The flooding events were a devastating blow to many Texas communities still trying to recover from the impact of flooding from 2015. The continuous rainfall on saturated ground created excessive downstream flooding and record-breaking crests destroying agricultural areas and homes. A major business disruption occurred due to the closure of Interstate 10 along the Texas-Louisiana border, creating lengthy delays and the loss of a major transportation corridor. Thousands of Texans were forced to evacuate their homes and entire cities required mandatory evacuations.

Overall, the devastation of the storms led HUD to issue a “most impacted” designation for the counties of Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery, and Newton.

2016 Disaster Timeline

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In 2015 Texas had two separate events that qualified for disaster recovery funding. Both events resulted from heavy rains and winds that caused severe damage across nearly half the State or 134,000 square miles. The May events occurred May 4 to June 23, 2015. During the first part of May, many locations across the State received well above normal rainfall, creating saturated ground conditions. When the Memorial Day weekend arrived, the saturated soil forced rain runoff directly into rivers, streams, and flash-flood prone areas. Certain areas of Texas saw more than 20 inches of rainfall in a matter of days. In total, about 8 million acre feet of water flowed into the State’s reservoirs.

Central and eastern Texas were also hit by dangerous flooding October 22 to October 31 when rainfall patterns converged with remnants of Hurricane Patricia.

In total, 116 counties were impacted by these disasters, with 19 counties being designated as impacted by both disaster declarations.

2015 Disaster Timeline

Housing Projects Awarded:

Single Family Homeowner Assistance Program
Applicant County Project Title Total Units Recommended Award Amount Percent LMI
Willacy County Housing Authority Willacy WCHA GLO DR Single Family Housing Project 17 $1,955,150.00 100%
County of Newton Newton Newton County Housing B - HBA Single Family HAP 13 $2,000,000.00 100%
County of Newton Newton Newton County Housing A - LMI HAP 13 $2,000,000.00 100%


Multifamily Rental Program
Applicant Name County Project Title Total Units Recommended Award Amount Percent LMI
Willacy County Housing Authority Willacy WCHA Multi-Family Housing Reconstruction Project 62 $1,988,800.00 72.58%
City of Corsicana Navarro Corsicana Eastside Apartments Multifamily Project 12 $2,000,000.00 100%
City of Hubbard Hill City of Hubbard Regional Multifamily Housing 8 $1,389,089.00 100%

Infrastructure Projects Awarded

Applicant County Project Activity  Recommended Award Amount % LMI
City of Corsicana Navarro Excavate and seed/fertilize over 17,100 linear feet of drainage ditches in the NE Quadrant/Post Oak area and install 3,100 linear feet of storm sewer pipe along with associated culverts and asphalt removal. $1,000,000.00 92%
Jasper County Jasper Precinct 1 County Road 126 culvert and road base improvements from County Road 125 to the Jasper City limits. $780,952.38 95%
City of Corsicana Navarro Excavate and seed/fertilize over 10,000 linear feet of drainage ditches in the SE Quadrant/Town Branch area and install 4,150 linear feet of storm sewer pipe along with associated culverts and asphalt removal. $1,000,000.00 86%
City of Dawson Navarro Replace undersized culverts citywide. $996,500.00 83%
Jasper County Jasper Precinct 2 County Road 323 culvert and road base improvements from 150 linear feet on the east side of the creek to 150 linear feet on the west side of the creek. $352,380.95 88%
City of Reno Parker Flood and Drainage Facility improvements to eleven sites across the City. $974,343.00 88%
City of Reno Parker Street Improvements at seven sites across the City. $988,189.00 88%
City of Premont Jim Wells Regrade and upgrade culverts along the City's east side primary drainage ditch on Donald Street and two lateral ditches draining Baxter Street; build an outfall ditch between Southeast 4th and Southeast 5th Streets at Donald Street that will discharge into a natural pond east of the City. $948,300.00 88%
City of Premont Jim Wells Install 6,600 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter, six concrete valley gutters, and associated driveway repair along Northwest Third Street from US 281 to Elaine Street. $510,790.00 82%
City of Somerville Burleson Install a storm water drain with curb inlets, and regrade and surface Rio Grande Street from FM 422 to the private road, Casa Mia Street from one block north of Rio Grande to one block south of Rio Grande, and Heatherbrook Street from one block north of Rio Grande to one block south of Rio Grande. $580,000.00 91%
Willacy County Willacy Work with the Delta Lake Irrigation District to install new storm sewer culverts, concrete headwalls, ditch regrading and associated pavement repair to increase the drainage capacity of the system connecting Lasara to the District's drainage channels to the south. $407,500.00 74%
Willacy County Willacy Work with the WCDD No. 1 to improve a detention pond and install new storm sewer at Sebastian and install quick connects, intake, outfall, and levee protection structures, an all-weather access road, and one pump at the pump stations in Santa Monica. $995,500.00 76%
City of Clifton Bosque Replace brick manholes located in Block Groups 2 and 3 with concrete manholes, water tight rings and covers, as well as, asphalt repair and sewer main connections as required. $894,980.00 65%
City of Buffalo Leon Install a storm sewer system to include stabilization of the street sub-grade and asphalt, and grading of the ditches along $923,191.00 82%
Fairfield, Blain, and Houck Streets.
City of Navasota Grimes Install 36" storm drain outfalls on Wright Street and Willie Street from Foster Street to the Roosevelt Street Drainage Channel. $999,000.00 81%
Jim Wells County Jim Wells Regrade and raise County Road 382 surface, install new box culverts at the creek crossings, and clear and regrade a downstream section of Lattas Creek to improve flow and reduce flooding risk to the Meadow Ridge colonia. $745,000.00 83%
City of Kirbyville Jasper Pin Oak Creek channel repairs to include reshaping streambank protection, concrete headwalls, box culverts and incidental street repairs. $974,800.00 53%
City of Kirbyville Jasper Wastewater Treatment Plant repairs to include three generators, replacement of electrical pumps, wet wells, bypass pumping, and removal of sediment from the aeration basin. $989,800.00 53%
City of Orange Grove Jim Wells Wastewater system rehabilitation to include 10" pipe bursting, manholes, 10" PVC gravity wastewater line and 30 service connections. $528,000.00 75%
City of Orange Grove Jim Wells Drainage improvements to include asphalt pavement and repair, installation of concrete culvers, and ditch grading and shaping along seven roads in Orange Grove East in combination with $154,784 in FEMA Public Assistance funding. $672,000.00 74%
City of Normangee Leon Install a larger capacity culvert at the Wooley Street drainage crossing and reconstruct Wooley Street. $331,500.00 72%
Grimes County Grimes Replace the bridges and provide road improvements including reshaping drainage ditches, installing culverts and road base on County Roads 201 and 202 and on Pinebrook Drive. $866,457.00 71%
City of Rice Navarro Crockett Street improvements from McKinney (I45 frontage) to the entrance to Cottonwood Park Drive. $357,000.00 78%
City of Rice Navarro Road base improvements on West Gilmer, Jefferson, and Boston Streets. $249,500.00 73%
City of Hubbard Hill Reconstruct Northeast 7th Street to include curbing, roadside ditches and install a culvert. $330,000.00 100%
City of Jewett Leon Sugar Street lift station improvements, Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) oxidation ditch, and WWTP access roadway improvements. $581,284.00 71%
City of Lyford Willacy Drainage improvements at the 8th Street Main Pump Station and along Bulldog Avenue to include existing outfalls. $433,375.00 66%
City of Raymondville Willacy Storm drain pipe in the North Central Area on Durham Avenue from North 5th Street to North 10th Street, North 10th Street from East Hidalgo to East Yturria, North 5th Street from East Main to East Durham, and East Yturria from North 10th Street to North 11th Street. $992,850.00 67%
Jim Wells County Jim Wells Rancho Alegre East Drain and Detention to include a new concrete channel, storm sewer lines, and detention pond with outfall structure and bleeder system to reduce flooding in Rancho Alegre colonia. $890,500.00 70%
City of Bridgeport Wise New Fire Station at the 1400 block of Thompson Street to replace the current fire station in a flood zone area. $999,348.00 55%
City of Lyford Willacy Drainage pump station and 48" rubber check valve at the outfall of the Gin Drainage Canal which meets the Hidalgo County Main Flood Water Channel and a 30" storm drainage pipe along 1st Street. $1,000,000.00 66%
City of Hubbard Hill Reconstruct the Trimble Street sewer lift station, provide an emergency generator, install an all-weather access drive, and provide security fencing. $691,500.00 74%

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