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The GLO has been an active partner in long-term recovery projects for Texas communities following Hurricanes Ike, Dolly and Rita. To date, the GLO worked with local communities to build or rehabilitate over 10,000 homes, complete over 770 miles of road improvements and construct numerous emergency shelters, fire stations and vital infrastructure projects to help rebuild Texas stronger and smarter.

In the wake of yet another major hurricane on the shores of the Texas coast, the state’s coastal communities continue to be tested. As more people continue to move to the coast and coastal industries continue to grow, the GLO remains committed to better planning to protect Texan’s lives and livelihoods. The GLO has prioritized efforts along the coast, identifying critical infrastructure assets that are most vulnerable to storm impacts, which will help in the rebuilding process following Hurricane Harvey.

To learn more visit: Texas Coastal Infrastructure Study.


Hurricane Harvey relief through the Texas General Land Office is locally led, state supported and federally funded.

Hurricane Harvey County Recovery Updates: Please click the following link to access the most up-to-date dashboards for Hurricane Harvey impacted areas -

Hurricane Harvey Updates