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Single Family

The Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program allows the GLO to work with local leadership on long-term housing that not only helps to rebuild a community, but lessen the cost and impact of future disasters. The use of best practices and innovative construction in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of impacted housing strengthens the community and ensures community resiliency. 

Veterans - Hurricane Ike 
GLO-CDR was proud to join forces with Galveston County Veteran Services and the Galveston County Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery Program to build homes for Veterans impacted by Hurricane Ike. The “Salute to Veterans Program” initiative was created with disaster recovery housing dollars administered by GLO-CDR. As part of the program, Galveston County initiated an outreach effort to inform area veterans and surviving spouses about the program and encouraged their application.
For more information about the GLO’s commitment to helping veterans through the Veterans Land Board, please visit: