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Short Term Housing

"The goal of the GLO is a seamless transition from short-term housing to long-term recovery and community revitalization. If the previous disasters in Texas are any indicator, recovery from Hurricane Harvey will be a long and arduous process. The GLO is committed to working with you and for you throughout this process, revitalizing communities and building back a stronger Texas."
- Commissioner George P. Bush

The Direct Housing mission for Hurricane Harvey survivors is being administered by the State and implemented by local jurisdictions. With the federal government’s financial support, Texas is leading the way with housing solutions to help impacted communities recover.  Assistance may be available to applicants who live in a county designated for Direct Housing with a housing need of up to 18 months from date of disaster, which was August 25, 2017. Applicants must be pre-disaster homeowners whose residence has had a FEMA inspection with verified loss of $17,000 or pre-disaster renters whose residence was determined by FEMA to have received major damages or have been destroyed.


For more information on short-term housing visit: or call 1-888-958-0877.