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Local Projects

Infrastructure – The GLO works with local leadership on long-term infrastructure projects to mitigate future damage through preventative measures. Mitigation efforts are crucial in long term recovery and serve as investment by providing a $6 benefit for every $1 spent resulting in significant savings in preventing future loss and disruption.

Infrastructure projects such as water treatment facilities, sewer services and transportation systems are vital to immediate recovery efforts and long-term sustainability.

Galveston Fire Station #4
The GLO played a vital role in helping Galveston recover first responder facilities lost in Hurricane Ike. Fire Station #4 was built to withstand 125 mph winds and 20-foot storm surges. The innovative,award-winning design and construction make it nearly immovable but flexible to withstand catastrophic events. The fire station is also equipped with its own generator and communications system, allowing the facility to be fully operational when needed most.

Accolades include:

Cooper's Gully Pump Station - 2015/2016 Disasters
The City of Orange reported that two local CDR projects, a pump station and rake system, significantly decreased flooding during a recent storm. The pump station moved 400,000 gallons of water a minute during the crisis, providing critical additional time for residents to evacuate. Once the river reached its crest and began to recede, the pumps were able to drain the Brownwood watershed, allowing residents to return home even though the river was still above flood stage. The rake system prevented large debris collected by the flood waters from damaging the pumps, and allowed the flow to continue at a very high level. Sandra Wilson, the Grants Planner with the City of Orange’s Office of Planning and Zoning said, “We appreciate the work of the Texas General Land Office in helping our low income citizens and our city rebuild its infrastructure from the hurricanes.