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Regional Partners

The GLO acknowledges that disasters are local and so is the recovery process. Through the utilization of partnerships with the Texas Association of Regional Councils and impacted regional Councils of Governments, counties and cities, the GLO is able to oversee the local administration of funds following major disasters. From 2015 to 2017, 23 of the 24 COG regions have been impacted by Presidentially Declared Disasters.

Given the size of the impacted area and how Hurricane Harvey impacted each region differently, local control through a regional approach is vital to long-term recovery. Each COG will develop local Method of Distribution of funds for buyout / acquisitions and infrastructure projects in their region and will conduct public hearings.  

Hurricane Harvey CDBG-DR Regional Meetings

Local Action Plan Meetings

Harris County and the City of Houston will develop Local Action Plans to be included in the Hurricane Harvey State Action Plan. The development of the Local Action Plans will include public meetings and and a public comment period.  

For more information about our partners in recovery please visit their websites:

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