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Regional Planning

The GLO has conducted a number of large scale studies in disaster impacted areas to assist communities in their planning efforts.

These studies have largely covered infrastructure needs, including the Texas Coastal Infrastructure Study and the Storm Surge Suppression Study. These studies along with additional studies conducted by the GLO’s Coastal Protection Division have provided a realistic approach to recovery that will mitigate damages from future disasters.

Harvey-Related Planning Initiatives:

In 2017, the GLO began an initiative to partner with Texas public universities to conduct various regional studies looking back at prior disasters as well as looking forward at how to better prepare for future disasters. Through this partnership, the GLO is able to work with subject matter experts from across the state to provide communities with the best possible resources in data analytics, storm modeling and resiliency planning. As a result of Hurricane Harvey, the GLO will be able to expand its work with universities to provide further innovation to the recovery process. To learn more please visit

GLO Planning Studies Include:

Ongoing Studies: