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Regional Planning

The GLO has conducted a number of large scale studies in disaster impacted areas to assist communities in their planning efforts.

These studies have largely covered infrastructure needs, including the Texas Coastal Infrastructure Study and the Storm Surge Suppression Study. These studies along with additional studies conducted by the GLO’s Coastal Protection Division have provided a realistic approach to recovery that will mitigate damages from future disasters.

State of Texas Plan for Disaster Recovery: Hurricane Harvey-Round 1

In addition to enhancing the state's Disaster Recovery and Response Plan, the GLO is conducting planning studies in hurricane-damaged areas that received a Presidential disaster declaration. Once completed, the GLO will monitor and provide completion guidance for many of the identified projects in the studies. Because of the scale of the current disaster and the variance of storm impact across regions, the studies will be regionally weighted — including specific local solutions — that acknowledge the infrastructure, environmental factors, and socioeconomic dynamics unique to each region. Regional-based planning ensures effective long-term recovery. To provide an efficient and effective method of selecting and executing planning studies following Hurricane Harvey, the GLO will work with Texas universities and innovative private vendors to conduct studies. The GLO is currently utilizing a local community survey process that includes public meetings, requests for information, listening sessions, and written surveys to better determine the specific local and regional needs that should be addressed. The GLO has set up an email account and is actively inviting communities to submit their planning needs to add to a comprehensive list of projects. Once needs have been gathered from local communities, the GLO will compile a total list of needs in all impacted areas. This planning process will set a new benchmark for regional coordination and recovery.

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