Candle Lantern
This kind of portable glass lantern would have been widely used on the Spanish frontier, including Texas. This particular lantern was used in the 2005 Alamo movie.

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The Save Texas History™ Mission:

  • Educate Texans of all ages about our colorful past.
  • Preserve and promote the historic maps and documents of the Texas General Office Archives.
  • Serve as a teaching resource for the study of Texas history.
  • Develop corporate sponsorships to support our mission.

Created in 2004,the Texas General Land Office Save Texas History™ program is a statewide initiative to rally public support and private funding for the preservation and promotion of these historic maps and documents.

With the twin goals of preservation and education, the Save Texas History program seeks to conserve these documents for future generations, and educate Texans about the rich heritage found in these vital records.

No general revenue from the Legislature is appropriated for this purpose. The conservation and promotion of these Texas treasures depends solely on private donations, map purchases and corporate sponsorships.

For more information on Save Texas History, or how you can help,  contact us at 512.463.5277 or

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