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Letter from Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
Letter from Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson

Fellow Texans

The history of Texas is what sets Texans apart, makes us who we are. It lengthens our stride, swells our hearts with pride. It gives us the courage to accomplish great things. Our unique history proves Texas is a special place, with a story like no other.

Part of that history is in danger of being lost forever. The maps and documents of the Texas General Land Office Archives are under siege by age and use and they need your help.

Touched by patriots like Sam Houston, Jim Bowie and William B. Travis, these documents must be conserved and made available to remind future generations what it means to be a Texan.

Save Texas HistoryTM is a statewide initiative to rally public support and private funding for the preservation and promotion of these Texas treasures.

This site can tell you more about these documents and help you find a way to help insure their future.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting the Texas General Land Office Save Texas HistoryTM website. I hope you will “stand your ground” and help Save Texas History!”

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Texas General Land Office