Texas State Veterans Home - Houston Funding

Are Texas tax dollars supporting the construction of this project?

The State Home Construction Grant Program, a partnership between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the states, was authorized in 1964 through Title 38 United States Code (USC) Section 8131-8138 and regulated in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 59. The VA provides federal assistance to states for the acquisition, construction and renovation of Texas State Veterans Homes. The VA provides funding up to 65 percent of the allowable costs of the project. States provide 35 percent matching funds. The state matching funds are generated by our on-going operations of the existing Texas State Veterans Homes, so no tax dollars are necessary.

The total cost of the project is $44,561,346.50; with the total VA grant allowable costs of $38,411,884.50. The VA awarded a final grant totaling $24,967,724.93 to the State of Texas on May 10, 2017. That amount equals 65 percent of allowable costs toward the cost for the construction of the 120- bed facility in Houston. The State of Texas is responsible for 35 percent of the costs ($13,444,159.57), and cover the $6,149,462.00 overage amount due to local high construction bids based on VA guidelines.

The city of Houston purchased 18.19 acres of land and donated the property to the VLB. The property closed in May 2016.

Are Texas tax dollars supporting the Texas State Veterans Home after construction?

The Texas State Veterans Homes provide skilled nursing care for the benefit of eligible Veterans, Veteran spouses, and Gold Star Parents. After reaching full occupancy, Texas State Veterans Homes are self-sufficient, operating on revenue from the VA per diem, Medicare, Medicaid and private pay sources.

How does the federal VA work with the Texas Veterans Land Board?

The Texas Veterans Land Board has a strong working relationship with the VA. The VLB relies on federal grant funding for our Texas State Veterans Homes and Texas State Veterans Cemeteries. In addition to awarding initial construction grants, the VLB has been awarded VA grant funding for necessary improvements (remodeling and renovations) to our existing homes and cemeteries.

On a continuing basis, the VA provides key benefits to many of the residents in our Veterans homes, including payment of per diem, VA payment for nursing care for Veterans who are at least 70% service connected for their disabilities, aide and attendance, and subsidized prescriptions for eligible Veterans.

The Texas State Veterans Home in Houston will be a state-of-the-art Veterans home in the most underserved area of the state and serve 120 Veterans in a small-house neighborhood community.