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Land Loans


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* If you are unfamiliar with real estate purchases, you may want to have a Realtor assist you.

If you’re eligible, let’s look at the property that you want to buy and make sure it meets VLB requirements before applying for the loan. Learn More

To be eligible for VLB financing, the land must:

  • Be wholly within the state of Texas.
  • Contain at least one acre, excluding any portion beneath a dedicated public roadway or navigable waterway or subject to frequent inundation or otherwise unusable.
  • Have legal, usable access to a public road. Access must be a minimum of 60 feet wide or meet the county public road width requirements, whichever is greater. “Usable” means that it can be driven on by a standard passenger car in inclement weather.
  • Be properly described by either a Field Note description of the tract with the Surveyor’s Official Seal and Signature (original or copy), or a complete copy of the recorded subdivision plat if the description is by Lot & Block.
  • Multiple, contiguous tracts may be combined under one financing instrument provided each share is not less than sixty (60) linear feet of common boundary or the tracts are adjacent to one another and separated solely by the actual width of a public right of way.
  • Commercial property is not eligible for VLB financing. Additionally, the VLB will not finance the purchase of a property if you, or your spouse, own, or have owned, an interest in the tract of land within the previous three years.
  • No value will be given to a shell home, mobile home or any other structure on the property at the time of financing.
  • The VLB is the final judge of whether a property qualifies.

star Selling price
Be sure to tell the seller you are financing through the VLB before you agree on a selling price.

The VLB will finance the lesser of the following options:

  • $125,000, or
  • 95% of the final agreed purchase price, or
  • 95% of the appraised value of the land.

IMPORTANT: You should not invest any money in the tract prior to closing.
Appraisal and contract fees are due when you submit the application.

star 5% Down
You must have at least a five percent down payment invested as cash equity in the property. The purchase price will be paid as follows at the closing:

  • The loan amount by VLB check.
  • Minimum five percent of the purchase price (down payment) with certified funds from the veteran.
  • Any amount in excess of the above two (difference money) with certified funds from the veteran, if applicable.

star Loan Processing
Land loan processing time may vary, depending on the accuracy and completeness of your application packet and the timely submission of required documents and information. Generally, it takes about 30 days to process an application if everything is properly submitted.