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Burial Options

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During burial arrangements the family will work with the funeral home and cemetery staff to determine the type or interment the family wishes. Options to be considered are; a full-casketed burial, in-ground burial of cremated remains, a columbarium niche for cremated remains, or the scattering of ashes in the memorial garden. Please contact the cemetery staff or the Veterans Land Board toll free at 1-800-252-VETS (8387) if you have questions about your options.

No matter which internment option the family chooses, the family may request that a final committal service be performed at the cemetery prior to interment. Military Honors are presented during this committal service. These respectful committal services are held in covered committal shelters, with the burial following at the grave site.

star Interment Options

  • A casketed burial. An upright marble or granite headstone is provided.
  • Inurnment of cremated remains and placement in a columbarium. Cremation urns may be no larger than 13 inches tall, by 10 inches wide, by 9 inches deep. A marble or granite niche cover is provided.
  • Inurnment of cremated remains and placement in an in-ground burial section. A marble or granite marker is provided.
  • Scattering of cremated remains in the scattering garden. A marble or granite marker is provided in the memorial section.

star Monuments
Monuments are provided at no cost. The family may select between an upright headstone, flat grave marker, or a columbarium niche cover. The cemetery staff will assist the family in the creation of the epitaphs to be inscribed. Monuments, headstones, markers, and niche covers may not be removed from the cemetery.

star Grave Sites
At the time of need the cemetery staff will assign the burial site based upon the next available grave space for the type burial selected. In most cases the veteran and all family members will be interred in the same grave space. This is also true if the veteran's eligible spouse or dependent predeceases the veteran. In most cases, one grave site is provided for the burial of all eligible family members and a single headstone or marker is provided. When both spouses are veterans, two grave sites and two headstones or markers may be provided, if requested.

star Grave Liners, Lawn Crypts, and Vaults
External containers (grave liners, lawn crypts, or vaults) are required for all casketed burials. Grave liners for in-ground burial of cremated remains are not required. The cemetery will provide, at their discretion, unsealed vaults or grave liners for casket interments at no charge. However, if the family wishes to use another type of outer container, those arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the family.

star Military Funeral Honors
Under normal circumstances the funeral home will coordinate with Department of Defense units or Veterans Service Organizations in nearby communities for military honors at burials. If a family has elected to not use a funeral home, contact the cemetery staff for assistance.

star Memorial Flags
A United States flag is provided, at no cost, to drape the casket or accompany the cremation urn. In most cases the funeral home will obtain the U.S. flag on behalf of the next of kin. Only one flag can be provided for the burial.

At the conclusion of the burial service, the flag is given to the family, or if there is no next of kin the flag may be given to a friend who requests it. The family may choose to donate the burial flag to the cemetery to be flown on patriotic holidays in an avenue of flags.

star Flowers
Flowers, including those from the funeral service, may be placed in the committal shelter for the committal service. At the conclusion of the committal service the family may elect to take flowers. Those remaining will be moved to the burial site by cemetery staff, where they will remain until they become unsightly.

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