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Burial Planning

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The Texas Veterans Land Board is proud to be helpful to your family at your time of need. Our professional and courteous staff is always there to help you throughout all arrangements and burial at a Texas State Veterans Cemetery. If you have any questions or concerns, please either contact a cemetery directly, or you can always call the VLB toll free at 1-800-252-VETS (8387). Please don’t hesitate to call for any reason.

star Burial Arrangements at the Time of Need
Normally, at the time of need, the family will contact a funeral home to begin funeral arrangements. The funeral home will work directly with the Texas State Veterans Cemetery to ensure that all your needs are met and questions answered. When you first contact the funeral home, let them know that you have chosen to have interment at a Texas State Cemetery.

The funeral home will ask that someone from the family provide them a copy of the military discharge form (DD Form 214) or other military service documents to ensure eligibility. If you are contacting the funeral home to make arrangements for a spouse, the funeral home will request a copy of the marriage certificate. The funeral home will contact your cemetery of choice and make all of the arrangements for the burial service. The interment will be scheduled on a weekday between 9am and 3pm.

Although viewing facilities are not available at the cemetery, and funeral services cannot be held at Texas State Veterans Cemeteries, you may request that a final committal service be performed. Military Honors are performed during these committal services. Committal services are held in committal shelters, followed by burial at the grave site. Floral arrangements will accompany the casket or urn from the committal shelter to the grave site.

Some families may have retained cremated remains and wish to place them at a Texas State Veterans cemetery. If this is the case, the family may contact the cemetery directly, without going through a funeral home. The staff of the cemetery will work with you personally throughout this process. They will assist you in completing an Interment Application Form and a Monument Inscription Worksheet as part of this process.

After interment the cemetery staff will assist the family in determination the design and content of the headstone or grave marker. The funeral home may also work with the family directly during funeral arrangements regarding headstones and grave markers.

star Cemetery Pre-Registration
It is not possible for a veteran of family member to select or reserve burial sites prior to the time of need. The cemetery will provide the burial site at the time of need based on the type burial desired by the family and the location of the next available site.

While it is not necessary to pre-register, veterans or their families may pre-register with the cemetery prior to the time of need. The cemetery staff will work with you directly concerning pre-registration. They will ask that a completed Pre-Registration form and a copy of the veteran's discharge form (DD Form 214) be provided. In the instance of pre-registration for a spouse, the cemetery staff will request a copy of the marriage certificate.

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Eric Brown
Deputy Director
State Veterans Cemeteries
1.800.252.VETS (8387)
Eric Brown