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Cemetery Expansion Projects

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Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery - Killeen

Cemetery Expansion ProjectThe friends and family of our fallen Texas veterans deserve the very best place where they can pay their continued respects. That’s why we’re hard at work on the largest improvement project in the history of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.We're happy to introduce you to the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery Expansion Project, which will take place throughout much of 2014.

This isn’t simply a landscaping job: it’s a comprehensive expansion project that will add thousands of new resting places, make the rolling hill country grounds more beautiful than they already are, and provide long-lasting, structural support to the memorials already in place. Thanks to funding from the federal Veterans Administration, we hope to provide a place where generations may honor the contributions of veterans from Iwo Jima to Enduring Freedom. We invite you to take a look through this brochure and learn more about this exciting time in the history of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. If you have any questions, cemetery and VLB staff are happy to speak with you and to share our vision for these hallowed hills.

If you have any questions or concerns about this important project, we would like to hear from you.

starOur Promise to You

  • We will not move, expose, or otherwise touch the remains of those interred.
  • We will make every effort to maintain the integrity of these places of rest.
  • We will protect the headstones, columbaria and other memorials while construction is underway. We have recorded the exact, original locations and GPS coordinates of each of the headstones. Each headstone will be identifiable by name and kept near its corresponding burial site during construction.
  • We will keep the cemetery open to the public. Construction will proceed in phases to make sure a maximum number of visitors can pay their respects free of interference. Special accommodations may be requested by contacting the cemetery administration (please do not ask the workers).
  • We will keep the media and community leaders informed of the progress during the project.

starProject Overview

Scheduled to begin in February 2014, this $4.9 million expansion project will include:

  • Installation of concrete support sleeves for existing and future headstones
  • Addition of 4,000 new burial crypts
  • Replacing capstones on the columbaria
  • Resodding turf and replanting grass
  • Planting new landscape features such as bushes and trees
  • Creating a more defined area for the scattering of ashes
  • Repaving the surface of the memorial walkway

starKey Features of the Project

Headstone Support Sleeves

Cemetery Expansion Project

The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery is located on a picturesque rolling hillside. Such a location means the soil often shifts and the headstones require frequent inspection and straightening with additional sod. Concrete sleeves will be installed at the base of each headstone to keep them from shifting or even tipping. These sleeves will provide a permanent solution to keep the headstones firm in the ground and perfectly aligned for generations to come.

4,000 New Burial Crypts

Cemetery Expansion Project

On 174 acres of land that was formerly a part of the largest Army base in America, the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery has room to grow. Thirty-one acres of the cemetery are devoted to burial sites for our military heroes and family. According to our long range plans, the cemetery will one day provide a place of rest to 50,000 veterans and family. This project ensures our commitment to the long range plan by increasing the number of burial sites from about 8,000 to 12,000.

Capstone Replacement

Cemetery Expansion Project

A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of remains, including containers such as urns. The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery has several of these small buildings on the east end of the property. Some of the older columbaria are developing small cracks due to a design issue with the capstones atop the buildings. We will replace the capstones on each of the damaged buildings without accessing or moving any remains.

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Eric Brown
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State Veterans Cemetery Program
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