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Beachfront Construction

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The Texas General Land Office (GLO) ensures that construction on the Texas coast by property owners and developers that affects the beach and dunes is performed according to state law. Both the Open Beaches Act and the Dune Protection Act are designed to help local property owners and communities protect and preserve beaches so that all Texans have unrestricted access to the beach, while also maintaining an environmentally healthy beach/dune system.

For Coastal Construction associated with the Open Beaches Act and the Dune Protection Act, local governments provide permit applications to the GLO for review to ensure the proposed construction does not restrict access to or use of the beach by the public.  After considering GLO comments, local governments can issue beachfront construction certificates.

star Process for Applying for Beachfront Construction Certificates and Dune Protection Permits

  1. Contact the local permitting authority (municipality, city or county) to apply for a Beachfront Construction Certificate and/or a Dune Protection Permit.
  2. The local authority, after reviewing the application, submits the completed Beachfront Construction Certificate and Dune Protection Permit to the Land Office for review.
  3. The Land Office reviews the certificate/permit applications, considering their consistency with: the Open Beaches Act, Dune Protection Act, Beach Dune Rules, and Local Dune Protection and Beach Access Plans.
  4. The Land Office provides comments to local authorities within a specified time depending on the scale of the construction.
  5. The local authority considers the Land Office comments and issues the Beachfront Construction Certificate and Dune Protection Permit to the applicant.

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