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Federal Review

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A Federal Consistency Review is conducted by the Land Office when construction occurs within the Texas Coastal Zone Boundary.  The Land Office reviews project plans to ensure that they meet the goals and policies of the Coastal Management Program to the maximum extent practicable. Project plans are submitted to the Land Office from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The public is invited to make comment on coastal projects requesting Federal Consistency Review. Projects currently accepting public comment. Learn More

star Coastal Projects the Land Office and the Coastal Management Program review:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Permits

    A Section 10 permit is required whenever construction is going to take place from mean high tide seaward to the limits of state jurisdictional waters (10.36 miles).

    A Section 404 permit is required whenever plans include discharge of dredged or fill material into coastal waters. The jurisdictional boundary for Section 404 permits is from the point of highest annual tide to the limits of state jurisdictional waters (10.36 miles). One of the requirements for obtaining a Section 404 permit is certification from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that the permit will comply with state water quality standards. For Section 404 permits for oil and gas-related activities, state water quality certification is reviewed by the Texas Railroad Commission. This requirement is authorized by Section 401 of the Federal Clean Water Act, and is therefore referred to as 401 certification.
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Outer Continental Shelf Plans and Right of Way Pipelines
  • Applications for Federal Financial Assistance
    For example: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funding of a Texas Parks and Wildlife project; Housing and Urban Development funding of a local apartment building renovation.

star Public Comment Notices - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Galveston District