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Coastal Construction

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Coastal construction can consist of something as simple as repairs to an existing beach house to building a boat ramp or marina. Depending on the type of construction, a variety of permits are needed in addition to normal local government non-coastal related building permits. In general, the closer the building is to tidal waters of the Gulf of Mexico and excavation near or below mean high tide, the more permits will be needed.

star Beachfront Construction
Local governments, in conjunction with the Texas General Land Office, issue or review permits for coastal construction associated with the Open Beaches Act and the Dune Protection Act. A Beachfront Construction Certificate is needed when construction is within 1,000 feet landward from mean high tide or to the nearest public road, whichever is greater. A Dune Protection Permit is needed when construction is seaward of the local dune protection line. Learn More

star Dock & Pier Construction
The Land Office issues various types of permits, easements and leases for construction of structures on all state-owned coastal lands. Learn More

star Living with Coastal Hazards
Coastal property owners should be prepared for coastal property hazards, such as hurricanes, erosion and floods. Having a plan is key to saving lives and property. Learn More

star Permit Assistance
The Land Office facilitates the permitting process with its Permit Service Centers in Galveston and Corpus Christi. Many permitting actions are combined into a Joint Permit Application Form, and providing guidance for those new to the coastal permitting process. Learn More

star Federal Consistency Review
One of the ways the Land Office serves as a steward of the coast is to ensure that coastal construction projects follow state and federal laws. A Federal Consistency Review is conducted when construction is planned within the coastal zone boundary. Learn More

star Resource Management Codes
Development or construction activities on state land leases may have restrictions to protect sensitive natural resources. The Land Office issues guidelines to assist state land lessees during required U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting processes. Learn More

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Janette Gibreal
Beachfront Construction; Living with Coastal Hazards; Federal Consistency Management
Janette Gibreal
Brittany Bolf
Dock and Pier; Permit Assistance
Brittany Bolf