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Applying for CEPRA Funding

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star General Erosion Response Projects and Studies:
Local governments, state or federal agencies, institutions of higher education, homeowner associations and other public and private entities are eligible to seek CEPRA funding as a potential project partner.  The deadline to submit an application for CEPRA Cycle 9 funding is July 1, 2015. The GLO at its discretion may accept a Project Goal Summary (application) that will address an emergency situation after this deadline.

star Structure Relocation/Demolition Projects:
Owners of structures determined to be located on the public beach are eligible to apply for expense reimbursement eligibility as a potential project partner on a relocation or demolition project authorized under the CEPRA program. Such projects are undertaken on an expense reimbursement basis in which the CEPRA program provides up to $50,000 in out-of-pocket expense reimbursement per project.