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With 367 miles of Gulf beaches and more than 3,300 miles of bays and estuaries, Texas has one of the longest coastlines in the country.  Here, fragile coastal environments and wildlife thrive alongside bustling ports and petrochemical facilities. Coastal industries, tourism and fisheries generate billions of dollars for the state, and the state Constitution protects the right of Texans to access their beaches.

No matter where you live in the Lone Star State, the Texas coast affects your life.  That’s why the Texas General Land Office is proud to serve as the steward of the Texas coast.

star Oil Spills
Oil Spill programThe massive Valdez oil spill in Alaska and a dangerous oil tanker fire in the Gulf of Mexico prompted the creation of the state Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program at the Land Office in 1991.  Today, this program stands ever vigilant against spills - both large and small - in coastal waters. Learn More

star Environmental Protection
With diverse responsibilities over regulation and protection of the Texas coast, the Land Office works every day to ensure our coast remains healthy both ecologically and economically.  Our work to protect the fragile coastal environment involves cleaning up and recovering from oil spills, eliminating marine debris and much more. Learn More

star Permit Assistance
Need help with a permit along the Texas coast?  The Land Office can help. Learn More

star Coastal Erosion
Due to Gulf currents, the Texas coast suffers some of the worst erosion in the nation.  The Land Office provides funding and leadership in the fight against erosion, focusing our efforts where it makes the most economic sense to do so. Learn More

star Open Beaches
Texans are guaranteed their right to access the beach by the state Constitution and state law.  The Land Office is responsible for balancing this access with private property rights for all Texans. Learn More

star Coastal Construction
Living and building on the coast requires special oversight to ensure sound development in the fragile coastal environment.  Learn more

star Grants & Funding
The Land Office is the source for state and federal funding for a myriad of coastal projects.  Learn More

star Hurricanes
Hurricanes are a powerful part of the coastal environment.  As steward of the Texas coast, the Land Office helps prepare for and respond to these deadly storms. Learn More

star Education & Outreach
From educational conferences to working with schools, the Land Office has a special role in helping to educate Texans about our unique and vibrant coastline. Learn More

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Janette Gibreal
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Greg Pollock
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Gloria Maynard
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