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AC Area Command
A/C Aircraft
ACO Aircraft or Fixed-Wind Coordinator
ACP Area Contingency Plan
ADCON Administrative Control
AMS Area Maritime Security
AMSC Area Maritime Security Committee
AMSP Area Maritime Security Plan
AMIO Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations
AMVER Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue
AOBD Air Operations Branch Director
AOIC Assistant Officer In Charge
APSO Asylum Pre-Screening Officer (INS)
ARC American Red Cross
AREP Agency Representative
ART Alternate Response Technologies
ASGS Air Support Group Supervisor
ATMWU Air Transportable Mobile Weather Unit
ATOI Air Target of Interest
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATGS Air Tactical Group Supervisor
BCMG Base Manager
BO Boarding Officer
BTM Boarding Team Member
C2 Command and Control
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
CANUS Canadian United States Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CASP Computer-Assisted Search Planning
CASPER C-130 Airborne Surveillance with Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance
CBDR Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range
CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection
CC Contributing Command
CCL Contamination Control Line
CD Counter Drug
CHET Customs High Endurance Tracker (Cheyenne III aircraft)
CIC Combat Information Center
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CLMS Claims Specialist
CO Commanding Officer
COML Communication Unit Leader
COMP Compensation /Claims Unit Leader
COST Cost Unit Leader
COTP Captain of the Port
CRA Coordinating Review Authority
CRC Contamination Reduction Corridor
CRWD Crew Boss/Crew Supervisor
CRZ Contamination Reduction Zone
CSC Combat Support Center
CTF Commander Task Force
CTU Commander Task Unit
D&M Detention and Monitoring
DAN Divers Alert Network
DCM Dangerous Cargo Manifest
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DFM Diesel Fuel Marine
DHHS Department of Health & Human Services
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DIVS Division/Group Supervisor
DMB Datum Marker Buoy
DMOB Demobilization Unit Leader
DOCL Documentation Unit Leader
DOD Department of Defense
DOT Department of Transportation
DOSC Deputy Operations Section Chief
DPIC Deputy Incident Commander
DPRO Display Processor
EEI Essential Elements of Information
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
EMCON Emission Control
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ENSP Environmental Specialist
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOP Emergency Operations Plan
EPA Environmental Protection Agency, US
EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EQPM Equipment Manager
EQTR Equipment Time Recorder
ERT Emergency Response Team
ES Electronic Surveillance
ESF Emergency Support Functions
EUL Environmental Unit Leader
EXCOM Extended Communication Search
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FACL Facilities Unit Leader
FC Federal Coordinator
FDUL Food Unit Leader
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared
FMSC Federal Maritime Security Coordinator
FO Facility Owner
FOB Field Observer
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOG Field Operations Guide
FOSC Federal On-Scene Coordinator
FSC Finance/Administration Section Chief
F/V Fishing Vessel
GIS Geographic Information System
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GSUL Ground Support Unit Leader
H/C Historic/Cultural
HAZ CAT Hazardous Categorization Test
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HAZSUB Hazardous Substances
HCO Helicopter Coordinator
HF High Frequency
HLSA Homeland Security Act
HSAS Homeland Security Advisory System
HSPD-5 Homeland Security Presidential Directive No. 5
HSPD-7 Homeland Security Presidential Directive No. 7
HSPD-8 Homeland Security Presidential Directive No. 8
IAP Incident Action Plan
IC Incident Commander
ICE U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICP Incident Command Post
ICS Incident Command System
IECO Immigration Emergency Coordinating Officer
IG Immune Globulin
IMAT Incident Management Assist Team
INCM Incident Dispatcher
INJR Compensation for Injury Specialist
INS Incident of National Significance
IR Infrared
ISB In-situ Burn
JFO Joint Field Office
JIC Joint Information Center
JIS Joint Information System
JRCC Joint (aeronautical and maritime) Rescue Coordination Center
JRSC Joint Rescue Sub-center
KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed
KT Knot(s)
LCPL Landing Craft Personnel, Large
LCU Landing Craft, Utility
LE Law Enforcement
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
LEDET Law Enforcement Detachment (USCG)
LEL Lower Explosive Limit
LEU Law Enforcement Unit
LKP Last Known Position
LLLTV Low Light Level Television
LNO Liaison Officer
LPOC Last Port of Call
LSC Logistics Section Chief
M/V Motor Vessel
MAC Multi-agency Coordination
MARSEC Maritime Security
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MEDICO Medical Advice, Usually By Radio
MEDL Medical Unit Leader
MEXUS Mexican United States Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan
MINIRAD Minimum Radiation
MLB Motor Lifeboat
MLE Maritime Law Enforcement
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPA Maritime Patrol Craft
MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
MSST Maritime Safety and Security Team
MTS Marine Transportation System
MTSL Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit
NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (40 CFR 300)
NDP Naval Doctrine Publication
NIC NIMS Integration Center
NIIMS National Interagency Incident Management System
NIMS National Incident Management System
NM Nautical Mile
NMMSS Naval Mast Mounted Sight System
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NPFC National Pollution Funds Center
NPOC Next Port of Call
NRC National Response Center (Phone number (800)424-8802)
NRP National Response Plan
NRDAR Natural Resource Damage Assessment
NRS National Response System
NSSE National Special Security Event
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NVD Night Vision Devices
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NWP Naval Warfare Publication
OC Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)
OCC Operations Coordination Center
OIC Officer-In-Charge
OPA 90 Oil Pollution Act of 1990
OPBD Operations Branch Director
OPCEN USCG Operations Center
OPCON Operational Control
OPLAN Operation Plan
OPORDER Operation Order
OPSEC Operations Security
ORDM Ordering Manager
O/S On-Scene
OSC Operations Section Chief
OSC SAR On-Scene Coordinator
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
P/C Pleasure Craft
PA Programmatic Agreement (Historical/Cultural Protection)
PD-27 Presidential Directive 27
PDW Personal Defense Weapon
PFD Personal Flotation Device
PIO Public Information Officer
PIW Person(s) in Water
PML Personal Marker Light
POB Persons On Board
POC Point-of-Contact
POD Probability of Detection
POS Probability of Success
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PQS Personnel Qualification Standard
PRA Primary Review Authority
PRECOM Preliminary Communication Search
PRFA Pollution Removal Funding Authorization
PROC Procurement Unit Leader
PSC Planning Section Chief
PTRC Personnel Time Recorder
PWCS Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security
QI Qualified Individual
QRT Quick Reaction Team
R&A Rescue and Assistance
RAR Resources at Risk
RB-M Response Boat - Medium
RB-S Response Boat - Small
RBDF Royal Bahamian Defense Force
RCC Rescue Coordination Center
RCP Regional Response Plan
RCDM Receiving and Distribution Manager
RDD Radiological Dispersal Device
REHB Responder Rehabilitation Manager
RESL Resource Unit Leader
RIB/RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
RIT Rapid Intervention Team
ROE Rules of Engagement
RRBT Rapid Response Boarding Team
RRD Radiological Dispersion Devise
RRT Regional Response Team
RSC Rescue Sub-Center
SAR Search and Rescue
SART Search and Rescue Transponder
SARTEL SAR Telephone (private hotline)
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SC SAR Coordinator
SCAT Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team
SCKN Status/Check-In Recorder
SECM Security Manager
SEHS Special Event Homeland Security
SELEX Selected Exercise
SITL Situation Unit Leader
SLAR Side Looking Airborne Radar
SLDMB Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoy
SMC SAR Mission Coordinator
SNO Statement of No Objection
SOFR Safety Officer
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea
SONS Spill of National Significance
SOSC State On-Scene Coordinator
SPUL Supply Unit Leader
SRA Safe Refuge Area
SRB Surf Rescue Boat
SRIE Safety Rules of Engagement
SROE Standing Rules of Engagement
SRR Search and Rescue Region
SRU Search Rescue Unit
SS Expanding Square Search
SSI Sensitive Security Information
SSC Scientific Support Coordinator
SSHP Site Safety and Health Plan
STAM Staging Area Manager
STVE Strike Team Leader, Vessel
SUBD Support Branch Director
SURPIC Surface Picture
S/V Sailing Vessel
SVBD Service Branch Director
T/V Tank Vessel
TACLET Tactical Law Enforcement Team
TACON Tactical Control
TB Tuberculosis
TDS Time, Distance and Shielding
TFLD Task Force Leader
TFR Temporary Flight Restrictions
THC Tetrahydrocannibanol
THSP Technical Specialist
TIME Time Unit Leader
TOI Target of Interest
TRACEM Thermal, Radioactive, Asphyxiation, Chemical, Etiological, and Mechanical
TSA Transportation Security Administration
TSI Transportation Security Incident
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
UAC Unified Area Command
UC Unified Command
UHF Ultra-High Frequency
UMIB Urgent Marine Information Broadcast
USC United States Code
USCG United States Coast Guard
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
UTL Utility Boat
VERTREP Vertical Replenishment
VESS Vessel Support Unit Leader
VHF Very High Frequency
VO Vessel Owner
VS Sector Search
WTD Water-Tight Door