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Sound Management Practice Program

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The Texas General Land Office administers the Sound Management Practice Program (SMP) to reward organizations that work to protect the coast from spills. In this program, organizations that have no oil spills over a 12-month period are assessed reduced penalties when they are the responsible parties for an accidental unauthorized discharge.

A Sound Management Practice Program includes the following items:

  1. A written statement committing to an SMP program dated prior to a spill and submitted by the owner/operator to the Land Office.
  2. Written policies and procedures to be used by company personnel in the handling of oil in a location where a spill could threaten Texas coastal waters, a description of the methods or processes to ensure that personnel adhere to the policies and procedures, and the mechanism to conduct quality assurance of initial and refresher training.
  3. Written documentation of Spill Prevention and Response Training identified in (2) above including the subjects presented, the dates of training and a list of attendees.
  4. Post spill auditing process.

For more information on the SMP Program or to apply to become a member, please see the documents on this page.