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Discharge Cleanup Organization

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One way to ensure the most effective oil spill response is for private response contractors to become certified by the Land Office before the spill occurs.

The Discharge Cleanup Organization (DCO) Program allows companies and organizations involved in the oil spill recovery industry to become certified by the Land Office as eligible for hire during an oil spill cleanup. Organizations exempt from the certification requirement (which may still be hired by the state) are those whose primary business activity is vacuum truck services, earth moving or oil field equipment maintenance.
Prior to being eligible for hire, a DCO must agree in advance with the charges for certain services the DCO may provide, and quality standards for the work to be done. Once approved, the DCO is placed on a job rotation list managed by the regional director for an equitable distribution of state-funded jobs.
To apply to become a DCO, download the Land Office certification packet.  This packet should be completed and returned along with a Spill Response Plan to the Land Office. An orientation/verification visit by a Land Office representative will take place within 60 days after acceptance of the application. See Forms for more information.

The Land Office also accepts hard copy U.S. Coast Guard Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) applications in lieu of the Land Office form. If a company/organization is also an OSRO, the Land Office will attempt to coordinate a joint site visit with the Coast Guard.