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No major spills at this time.

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One of the most important and highly visible responsibilities of the Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program is cleaning up oil spills along the Texas coast.

star Response Tools & Equipment

Whether deploying flotation booms, skimming oil or spraying dispersants, the goal of the response program is to protect vital coastal habitats and mitigate long-term environmental or economic impacts.  The Oil Spill Program has several highly specialized tools for responding to oil in Texas waters.

A key component of oil spill response happens before oil ever hits the water: training and planning.  Detailed, carefully crafted spill response plans save time and prevent errors when spills occur.  One of the best planning tools available is the online Oil Spill Planning and Response Toolkit. Learn More

star Tracking the Gulf
The Texas Automated Buoy System, the first and still only real-time offshore oil spill tracking system, was begun by the Land Office in 1995. Ten buoys anchored at strategic locations provide instantaneous data on surface currents, wind speed and direction, water temperature and barometric pressure. This information helps the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program predict when and where an oil slick might make landfall, allowing an effective response and efficient use of resources. Learn More

star Protecting Oiled Wildlife
The Land Office also maintains equipment to clean any coastal wildlife affected by oil and return them to health and habitat. Learn More

star Oil Spill Response Drills
The Land Office also participates in regular oil spill response drills.  Drills provide instruction on up-to-date response techniques and provide experience in handling rapidly changing conditions common with oil spills.  Land Office and other government agencies learn to work with responders from private industry to respond quickly and efficiently. Learn More

star Maintaining High Standards
Oil spill response is a highly specialized field and requires specific skills and knowledge. The Land Office relies on private contractors to assist with spill response, and has a program to certify these responders to ensure high standards of quality. Learn More

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Bobby Rivera
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