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Permit Assistance FAQ

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Q. How long will it take to receive my permit?
A. The permitting process may take from 90-120 days based on seasonal workload with the permitting agencies.

Q. How much will my permit cost?
A. The cost of a permit varies by agency. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers currently charges a $100 application fee for commercial projects and there is no fee for residential projects. It is important to note the General Land Office Residential Guidelines. See the fee schedule on pages 2-3 of the Residential Coastal Easement Application posted to the right.

Q. How will I be notified when my permit is issued?
A. The agencies involved with permit issuance will notify the applicant in writing.

Q. When I receive my permit, is there a time limit on when construction must begin?
A. The time limit for completing the work authorized ends within two years of Corps approval. Unless there are circumstances requiring either a prompt completion of the authorized activity or a re-evaluation of the public interest decision, the Corps will normally give a favorable consideration to a request for an extension of this time limit.

Q.  What are the five guidelines to apply for the one-time $25 residential structure permit?

  • Structure with walkways that do not exceed 4 feet in width.
  • Structure has only one boatlift constructed in more than 3 feet of Mean High Water, and does not exceed 16 feet in width including the associated walkways.
  • Structure has only one personal watercraft lifts (including ramps, platforms) equal or less than 120 square feet in overall.
  • Structure may have a pier with T-head, dock, etc., 10 feet by 30 feet if no critical habitat is present and 8 feet by 20 feet if critical habit is present.
  • Structure does not require any dredging or filling.

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