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Notice: Request for Comments on the Luce Bayou Inter-basin Transfer Project for Liberty and Harris Counties

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March 29, 2013

March 29, 2013 01:00AM

Coastal Coordination Council

On January 10, 1997, the State of Texas received federal approval of the Coastal Management Program (CMP) (62 Federal Register pp. 1439-1440). Under federal law, federal agency activities and actions affecting the Texas coastal zone must be consistent with the CMP goals and policies identified in 31 TAC Chapter 501. As required by federal law, the public is given an opportunity to comment on the consistency of proposed activities in the coastal zone undertaken or authorized by federal agencies. This notice was published on the GLO’s website on February 27, 2013, and the public comment period will close at 5:00 p.m. on March 29, 2013.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Notice: Proposed construction of 26.5 mile water supply conveyance consisting of subsurface pipeline and surface canal within a 300 ft. wide right of way from the Trinity River in Liberty County, TX to Lake Houston in Harris County, TX. The proposed project would transfer water from the Trinity River basin to the San Jacinto River basin. A pump station would be constructed on the Trinity River at Capers Ridge approximately 10 miles north of Dayton, Texas. Water from the river would be conveyed by pipeline to a sedimentation basin and then conveyed by earthen canal to Lake Houston to a discharge point in the lake. The canal right of way would include canal side berms, a maintenance access roadway, drainage ditches, and a perimeter fencing surrounding the canal. A copy of the DEIS is available on the web page of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, at .

CMP Project No.: 13-0971

Associated Application: U.S.A.C.E. permit application #SWG-2009-00188.

Applicant: Coastal Water Authority

Written comments regarding the project’s consistency with the CMP should be submitted to Ms. Sheri Land, Texas General Land Office, Director, Coastal Resources Division, P.O. Box 12873, Austin, Texas 78711-2873, or via email to .

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Sheri Land
Coastal Resources Division
P.O. Box 12873, Austin, Texas 78711-2873
Sheri Land