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Electricity Sales Procedures

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STEP 1: Fax or e-mail to the Land Office a “Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the Request of Historical Usage Information” and the “LOA Attachment / Meter Locations” so we can set a price for you. The customer contact must be someone with authority to contract. Print the LOA on your letterhead. Be sure to include your account number(s) and meter numbers in the body of the letter. The Land Office will forward the letter to the proper energy provider.

STEP 2: Our energy provider will use the LOA to obtain the necessary information and determine a price the State Power Program can offer for that particular day. We can also give an estimate for a limited time frame in the future. The data analysis may require several days. We will call you immediately upon its completion.

STEP 3: Fax (or e-mail) a comprehensive copy of your latest electric bill to the Land Office using our contact information. If a 12-month billing history is available, please submit that as well to ensure a smooth transition between energy providers.

STEP 4: Once we’re able to agree upon a price, you will receive for signature by your authorized party an Electric Sales Agreement (ESA) with the agreed-upon price. If you must obtain School Board or Board of Directors approval before you sign (and are bound) by the ESA, you must do so before signing the contract.

STEP 5: After receiving the ESA, send in two signed originals. The Land Office will return one of the originals with the Land Commissioner's signature shortly thereafter.

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