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Highway Right of Way Leasing

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A highway right of way tract may be leased if the state owns the minerals located under the tract.

At its discretion, the School Land Board may establish the size and boundaries of each right-of-way tract to be leased or to be exempted from leasing. However, each right-of-way tract shall extend across the entire width of each right-of-way, subject to the provisions relating to Preferentially Leasing to Adjacent Mineral Owners (see Section II B. in the Guidelines – link on this page).

star Application Information:


  1. Written application (see link on this page) which includes a plat showing the boundaries and dimensions of the right of way tract which applicant proposes to lease.
  2. Names and addresses of any adjacent mineral/leasehold owners listed in the county records. See Section II B of the Guidelines for the definition of adjacent mineral owners as used in this application.
  3. An Exhibit “A” describing the area to be leased in adequate form to be attached to and become part of the lease.
  4. All additional items listed on the Checklist (part of the application) which must be submitted before a lease will be issued.

star FEE:

See Texas Administrative Code, Title 31, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter C, Rule 3.31, 19 (C) & (D)

star Payable To:

The Texas General Land Office
ATTN: Energy Resources/Mineral Leasing
P.O. Box 12873
Austin, TX 78711-2873