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Relinquishment Act Leasing

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Relinquishment Act (Mineral Classified) Lands include state-owned lands on which the surface was sold and minerals reserved to the state between the years 1895 and 1931. The surface owner acts as agent for the state for leasing purposes. The Texas General Land Office must approve the consideration paid for any Relinquishment Act lease and no lease is effective until it has been approved and filed in the Land Office.

Application Information:
Requirements: submit RAL lease form and information below.  The interest being leased (full interest or net undivided interest). If the acreage is owned by more than one party, a list of all owners must be provided;
  1. Bonus per acre being paid;
  2. Primary term of lease;
  3. Rental per acre being paid;
  4. Gross royalty being paid.

Fee: $100.00 per lease

Payable To:

The Texas General Land Office
P.O. Box 12873
Austin, TX 78711-2873

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