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Oil and Gas Development

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star General Recommendations:
All oil and gas activities should be sited to avoid sensitive resources. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Railroad Commission of Texas regulate the discharge of effluents into state waters. Oil and gas activities on state-owned submerged lands may be subject to requirements of the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act (Natural Resources Chapter 40) which designates the Texas General Land Office as the lead state agency for the prevention of and response to oil spills into Texas coastal waters. All oil and gas exploration and development activities should be coordinated with the commenting agency.

star   Definitions and Explanations:

OA -
No surface drilling locations on this tract. Directional drilling from adjacent areas may be necessary.
Important marine habitat exists within this tract, and drilling activity and dredging of access channels may significantly damage the marine ecosystem. Directional drilling from off-tract locations may be required for mineral development of this tract.

OH -
Drill only from water deeper than 6 feet as measured from mean low water, or from land above mean high water.
This tract has both deep (greater than 6 feet) and shallow water areas and/or adjacent uplands. To protect sensitive habitats in the shallow water, confine drilling activities to the deep-water areas or adjacent uplands.

OM -
Avoid dredging, dredged material disposal, geophysical surveying, drilling, and pipeline and platform construction on the top or slopes of reefs, banks, hard bottoms, artificial reefs, historic reefs, serpulid reefs, or constructed reefs on this tract.

These activities may be prohibited or restricted within 500 feet of reefs to avoid damage caused by accidental discharges of hazardous substances or oil, by sedimentation, or by physical impacts of reef material and to protect fish and other valuable marine organisms attracted to the area. A reef survey may be required.

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