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Rights of Way

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star General Recommendations:
Use of existing rights of way is encouraged to lessen adverse impacts to sensitive areas on state-owned submerged lands. Pipeline construction under navigation channels is subject to special routing and burial requirements.

The Corps does not permit permanent structures within the right of way of a federal navigation channel or dredged material placement area. Development may be accomplished by directional drilling from parts of state tracts that are outside the federal right of way. All work on tracts where navigation concerns have been identified should be coordinated with the Corps, Galveston District.

star   Definitions and Explanations:

RW - Navigational concerns such as navigational channels, dredged material placement areas, safety fairways, and anchorage areas exist within this tract.
To ensure compliance with federal regulations regarding navigation channels, anchorage areas, safety fairways, and other navigational concerns, contact the Corps, Galveston District.

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