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Royalty Reporting & Control (RRAC)

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Royalty Reporting and Control

The Royalty Reporting and Control System is currently AVAILABLE.


Reporting Due Dates

NOTICE: The due date for June 2015 OIL Royalty Reports is Wednesday, August 5th.

Royalty payments by check must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, August 4th.

Payments must be initiated with TEXNET by close of business on Tuesday, August 4th.

RRAC Response Team
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The Texas General Land Office (GLO) password recovery system scheduled to be implemented after business hours on July 17, 2015 has been POSTPONED until August 21, 2015. After that date in August, reporting system users will be prompted to change their password the first log in after deployment.

Please communicate the new password to all users of the system within your company. Email verification and notification of password changes will only go to the email address tied to the Customer Identification Number (CID) in the GLO database.

All password changes will go through the new recovery system after deployment. GLO staff will not have the ability to view or affect changes in passwords. Please email or call (512) 463-6850 if you have problems with the password change process on the initial log in or have other questions.

The General Land Office is in the process of upgrading the RRAC application, branded RRAC 2.0, which will be launched in phases over the next 24 months.  Enhancements will include, but are not limited to, the ability to view previously filed reports, improved error notifications on report submissions, and auto-email confirmations on successfully submitted reports.

star RRAC 2.0 News:  Development of the enhanced reporting system, RRAC 2.0, has been suspended pending a review of Agency Information Services needs.

star XML Postponed: The requirement for companies to file their reports in XML format beginning January 2014 has been indefinitely postponed.

star Paper Reports: The GLO will no longer accept paper versions of the GLO1, GLO2 and GLO3 reports effective September 1, 2015.