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Registro Decordova

The Texas General Land Office Archives is home to the original register of settlers in Stephen F. Austin’s first colony in Texas.

The priceless manuscript contains field notes and sketches by Austin’s secretary Samuel May Williams along with Austin’s own signature as Empresario.

Thank you to the Texas Society, Daughters of the American Revolution for their generous donation to conserve the Registro in 2011.

With approximately 35 million records dating back to 1720, including approximately 45,000 maps, sketches and plat maps, the present-day Archives collection continues to serve as the repository for the history of Texas land.  Forming the foundation of all private land ownership in Texas, the maps and documents of the Archives are still used today by researchers, surveyors, genealogists and students of Texas history. 

star Highlights of the Collection:

  • Maps, sketches and plat maps contained in the Archives are more than just functional - they are hand-drawn works of art. Learn More
  • Original Spanish and Mexican land grants Learn More
  • Documents dating back to 1720 establishing Mission San Jose
  • The first draft of the Texas Constitution
  • Rare copies of 1836 muster rolls and military records of Texas heroes
  • Confederate documents, including scrip certificates, letters and diaries
  • Letters and documents from Alamo and Goliad defenders, including the most well-known Alamo survivor, Susanna Dickinson
  • Original signatures of Texas patriots such as Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, James Bowie, and William Travis
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Research Room Leader
Kevin Klaus
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Spanish and Mexican Records
José Barragán, PhD
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Survey Records
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Map Curator
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