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The Story of Texas Land Tour

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The Story of Texas Land Tour at the Texas General Land Office Archives is provided to thousands of persons each year, who experience learning about the history of Texas in a unique facility and surrounded by the very documents that have been touched by patriots, and helped create this great state!

Tours focus on several of the most interesting documents and maps found at the GLO, along with a glimpse at the state-of-the-art facilities used to preserve, protect and provide access to those documents. Tour content reflects how land and land policies of the government not only shaped the boundaries of Texas, but shaped the history and settlement of Texas as well.

Documents and Maps Documents and Maps Featured on Tours Include:

    • Documents signed by Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, James Bowie, William Barret Travis, and other major revolutionary figures;
    • Letters written by participants in the Texas Revolution, sent to family and friends in the United States that relate their personal experiences and the emotional and physical conditions endured during a time of war, which express the hopes and fears of the common soldier, and not always the heroic sentiments expressed by their commanders;
    • The Spanish Collection of the General Land Office features thousands of land related documents (titles, registers of families, correspondence, etc.) from the Spanish and Mexican era of Texas. Documents feature such names as Jose Antonio Navarro, Lorenzo de Zavala, the Baron de Bastrop, Moses and Stephen F. Austin and many other figures that were crucial to the settlement of Texas.
    • Numerous County maps created by General Land Office draftsmen, including famous short story writer and satirist O. Henry (William Sydney Porter), famous Texas artist Hermann Lungkwitz, Old General Land Office Building architect Conrad C. Stremme, and well-known Texas cartographer Charles W. Pressler, and more.
    • Historic Republic and State maps drawn by GLO draftsmen and others and commissioned by historical figures like 19th century Jewish land promoter Jacob de Cordova, maps commissioned by German nobles to encourage emigration to Texas, or maps and sketches drawn by the Father of Anglo-American Texas himself, Stephen F. Austin, and much more!

Tours are available upon request at no charge. Please schedule in advance and alert staff of any specific interests for a unique experience.

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Kevin Klaus
Research Room Leader
Kevin Klaus
Archives and Records
Archives and Records