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How do I find out if a property is owned by the state?
The Texas General Land Office coordinates the sales of two types of property; Permanent School Fund (PSF) land and state agency land. Learn More
How do I buy state land?
State real properties must typically be sold in a public forum such as an auction, sealed bid sale, or through a real estate agent. Direct sales may occur once the property has been offered to the general public. Please contact Asset Management staff for current sales prices at 512.475.1427. Learn More
How do I find out the process for buying or leasing a property from the state?
To determine if a proposed project requires a Land Office lease, contact the field office nearest you for locations and contact information. If a Land Office lease is required, an application packet will be sent to you, or you may download an application and mail it to the field office nearest you. Land Office staff members can help you to complete your application. Learn More
How do I get title to the minerals under land I buy from the state?
In the vast majority of cases, the state sells property with the existing mineral interest reserved to the state. However, each case is different and interested buyers should discuss the purchase of minerals with a representative of the Asset Management Division at 512.475.1427.
How do I get access to land that is land locked or has no legal access?
In most cases, the state sells property in an “as is” condition with no warranty regarding access to a particular tract. Interested buyers should research each prospective purchase to ensure they will have legal access.
How do I donate land to the state?
When land is offered for donation to the state, the Land Office must review the property and determine whether to accept or reject it within 90 days. Persons wishing to donate land to the state should call 512.463.5030.
How do I get the state to sell what appears to be abandoned or seldom used property?
State agency land is evaluated on a four-year basis for its current and future utilization. In most cases, property deemed to be underutilized is recommended to the Governor for disposition, and if approved, marketed by the Land Office. In rare cases, the Legislature will direct the sale of a particular tract as being in the best interest of the state and will direct the owning agency or the Land Office to market and sell the property. Learn More
How do I find a map with locations of all state owned property along with property info?
Each property evaluated by the Land Office is listed by the year it was evaluated. The reports are organized by year with each property being evaluated once during a four-year cycle. Typically, all properties owned by a particular agency are evaluated within the same year. Learn More
How do I purchase a tax foreclosure?
Each application to buy a tax foreclosure is subject to approval by the School Land Board, which sets the terms and conditions. A tract may not be sold for less than the current market value, and applicants must submit a statutory sales fee representing 1.5 percent of the total purchase amount. Contact the Asset Management Division at 512.475.1427 for the current sales price of tax foreclosures. Learn More
How do I get on the list to be notified of future land sales?
You may register your contact information via the Land Office online registration application. Learn More