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The Texas General Land Office is responsible for issuing various types of permits, easements and leases on all state-owned coastal lands, including submerged lands in bays and the tidewater limits of coastal lakes, bayous, inlets, streams, estuaries, rivers and creeks.

Types of coastal leases:

Example of a typical activity authorized by a Coastal Lease.

Commercial leases and easements cover structures such as marinas, bait stands, fishing piers, pilings, fuel docks, restaurants, and dredging activities.

Surface leases are typically used for drilling platforms not on a leased mineral tract, electrical substations, pumping stations, loading racks, tank farms, artificial reefs and wildlife preserves.

Miscellaneous easements are issued for coastal submerged lands for projects which require a right-of-way (ROW) on, across, under, or over state-owned lands.

Residential structure registrations are issued for small piers or docks, which extend from private “littoral” property onto coastal public lands and require no dredging or filling. Cabin Permits authorize the use of recreational state-owned cabins on coastal public land.

Additionally, the Land Office issues coastal leases to state agencies, eligible cities or counties, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, or scientific or educational entities for public recreation, estuarine preserves, wildlife preserves, or scientific research activities.