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Cabin Program

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Example of a cabin.

Cabin Permits (PC) are issued pursuant to Texas Natural Resources Code (TNRC) §33.103(3) authorizing the use of recreational state-owned cabins on coastal public land.

Prior to legislative approval of the Coastal Public Lands Management Act (CPLMA) in 1973, numerous unauthorized shacks or "cabins" were constructed by trappers, commercial fishermen, and others throughout the bays and estuaries of the Texas Gulf Coast. A provision contained in the CPLMA authorized the GLO to allow continued use of these cabins-for recreational purposes only-through the issuance of a GLO contract and payment of appropriate fees.

By statute, the cabins are considered state-owned structures and the contract authorizes use of the site, not ownership in the structure, for a term of five years.

The recipient of a Cabin Permit is required to comply with all terms and conditions of the contract. Violation of the contract terms or failure to pay the required fees may result in delinquent penalties and/or termination of the contract and removal of any personal property at the cabin site. The cabin itself, however, remains the property of the state and may be permitted to another interested party.

Obtaining a Cabin Permit from the GLO does not exempt the applicant from complying with all other applicable local, state, and/or federal permitting requirements.

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