WSLCA has adopted an Affiliate Membership Program in order to provide public and private entities and individuals who share common interests in the WSLCA’s objectives with an opportunity to formally communicate and cooperate with WSLCA members.  The Program offers Affiliate Members the opportunity to participate in the WSLCA’s biannual conferences and to talk directly with other members on issues important to both.  Applicants must be a corporation, non-profit entity, or an individual that has been recommended by a member state, approved by the WSLCA Executive Committee and paid at least one year of annual dues.

Affiliate Membership

  • Enhance and extend WSLCA, our educational missions, institutional impacts, influence and positive public image
  • Develop or strengthen relationships with organizations that complement our mission
  • Share intellectual & social capital

Desired Outcomes

  • Expand diversity of WSLCA members and audiences
  • Enhance distribution of WSLCA outputs to new, relevant markets
  • Augment opportunities to develop, share & evaluate information regarding land, water and other resource management policies and practices
  • Help member states maximize the earnings and preserve the assets of educational trusts


Those interested in establishing an affiliate relationship are encouraged to contact your state land commissioner, state land director or a member of the WSLCA executive committee. 

Contact Information

State Land Commissioner's and State Land Director's contact information is accessed by selecting the appropriate state.

WSLCA Executive Committee & Executive Director contact information: Officials & Committees.

Current Affiliate Members

Bank of Oklahoma
Cal Portland
Charles Schwab
Devon Energy
Energy Net
Fifth Third
Freeport - McMoran
Freeport - McMoran
Haley Aldrich
Holland & Hart
Magnum Enabling Renewables
Magnum Enabling Renewables
QEP Resources
RV Kuhns
RV Kuhns
Sandy Creek Partners