Accomplishments Throughout The First 365 Days

Texas General Land Office

“The work the General Land Office quietly does every day is important to all Texans: taking care of our veterans, protecting the coast for future generations, maximizing Permanent School Fund revenue, preserving and improving the Alamo experience and minimizing government’s reach into our lives while also making it more efficient. The realization of these goals and ideals is not a gift to be received but an honor to be won. The blessings of our great state are limited only by our commitment. That’s why I’m issuing this report of my first year as Commissioner of the General Land Office. We have committed to and followed through on much in this first year. But this isn’t just a recap; it’s a pledge to you that we’re only getting started. And it’s an appeal. There is work to be done. And there is room for you in the long line of Texans already engaged in our efforts to create an even greater Texas. So take a look at what we’ve done in year one, and then join the General Land Office in committing to win the realization of our goals and ideals.”

Commissioner George P. Bush
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The Texas General Land Office has managed state education funding for more than 100 years. As a former teacher, Commissioner Bush is focusing on education and education reform among the GLO’s top priorities.


God blessed Texas with abundant natural resources. Texas leads the nation in energy development, and the Land Office under Commissioner Bush is streamlining how we use those resources to power the world and shape tomorrow’s leaders in today’s classrooms.


Veterans have a special place in the hearts and minds of all Texans. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Commissioner Bush is bringing new ideas and technology to bear to ensure that Texas remains the best state for veterans to live and work and own a piece of the American dream.


Commissioner Bush campaigned on a promise to preserve the Alamo and turn it into the destination that it should be. He is forging unprecedented alliances with leaders from San Antonio and all across Texas to restructure its management and plan for the Shrine of Texas Liberty’s glorious future.


Commissioner Bush believes that Texans deserve to know what our government is doing, and how and why. So he is instituting many key reforms to make the General Land Office both more transparent and a more efficient steward of public dollars.


The General Land Office is the oldest government agency in Texas. Under Commissioner Bush’s dynamic technological vision, the GLO is being transformed into the most modern and most agile agency in the Lone Star State.


With 367 miles of Gulf beaches and more than 3,300 miles of bays and estuaries, Texas has one of the longest coastlines in the country and the General Land Office is responsible for preserving and protecting that coast. Commissioner Bush is making sure we do more than ever before to build a brighter future for the coast and honor this shared heritage.


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